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Geo Routes Cultural Institute



Geo Routes Cultural Institute is the owner and official organizer of the Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum. It is expressly stated that the name, identity, content, trademarks and anything related with the Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum are under jurisdiction and exclusive ownership of Geo Routes Cultural Institute.

Geo Routes Cultural Institute is a nonprofit & nongovernmental organization, aimed to promoting the cultural heritage of Greece, facilitating to the intercultural dialogue and contributing to the development of the local societies through Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Geo Routes and its subsidiary Aegean Routes experiential journeys, since foundation held under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO. On November 5th 2013, during the 37th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, Geo Routes has been accepted as “best practice” in accordance to the international organization program “Culture-Tourism-Development” (more here).

Nowadays Geo Routes sets platform about planning, developing and executing -through appointed operators and resellers- cultural heritage journeys and events of cultural, environmental and educational character in Greece and abroad. (content index here).

Geo Routes is often participating to global fora about consulting and contributing to the development of state/regional cultural heritage routes for enhancing-rebranding existing or new destinations, considering to protecting tangible and intangible cultural heritage, respecting local society and the responsible management of environmental resources.

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