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30 May - 1 June 2018 | Thessaloniki, Greece
Nationality : Greece

Ms. Lenia Papadopoulou

Public and International Relations DPT - City of Thessaloniki | Greece
  • Working Group “Hospitality” Member

Ms. Lenia Papadopoulou-Kelidou is working in the Department of Public and International Relations of the City of Thessaloniki. She is a Founding Member of the Negotiator’s’ Association of Greece and a PhD Candidate in Tourism “Conflicts and Negotiations in the Tourism Industry” at the University of the Aegean.

She holds a BA in Economics (2000, University of East Anglia) , an Msc in Economics and Finance (2001, University of Southampton), a Master Diploma in Conflicts and Negotiations (2013, Athens University of Economics and Business), a verified certificate in “Hospitality and Tourism in China: A global Perspective (2016, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), a verified certificate in “e-Tourism Communication” (2017, University della Svizzera Italiana) and a verified certificate in “Contract Law” (2017, University of Harvard).