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30 May - 1 June 2018 | Athens, Greece
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Nationality : Albania

Mr. Alqi Bllako

Secretary-General | Presidency of the Republic of Albania
  • Speaker at Session/5: Green Growth & Circular Economy, May 31st 2018


Mr. Bllako was born in Kolonja, Albania. He graduated from the New York University in Tirana and has completed several postgraduate studies, a Master of Science in Finance and Accounting from the University of New York and the Master of Business Administration under the direction of Banking and Financial Markets in collaboration with the Kurt Bosch Institute in Switzerland.

During that period Mr. Bllako was awarded the First Prize by the Governor of the Bank of Albania for his work in “The Role of Corporate Income Tax on the Capital Structure: Data on the Albanian Economy”.

Alqi Bllako has been appreciated by the best academics in the field of finance and has provided his assistance as an internal and external lecturer to the New York University of Tirana on Corporate Finance, International Finance, Financial Accounting and Accounting Direction.

He has enjoyed a direct experience in the private sector and public institutions. He has been a representative of Albania to numerous international conventions and was distinguished for his contribution to civic society.

Has also served as the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Environment (2013-2017) where he initiated and led several important administrative and political reforms, by successfully coping with the challenge of increasing the efficiency of the work of that Ministry, while guaranteeing a sustainable development of the Albanian environment.

With the signing of the Paris Agreement, has also served as the national delegated authority in relations with the Climate Fund, as well as the main contact point for the Convention on Biological Diversity, where he played an active role at the inter-governmental assisting body of that Convention: The Assisting Body for Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice.

Mr. Bllako speaks fluently English and Italian.