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Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum
Stability | Growth | Cooperation
30 May - 1 June 2018 | Athens, Greece

Our Vision

The Balkans and the Black Sea is a strategic, although sensitive region which requires multilevel approach in order about to maintain and enhance mutual understanding towards economic and cross-border cooperation. At the crossroads of Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, the region is confronting again challenges due to the various economic initiatives, natural resources and geopolitical influence of world’s superpowers. We’re meeting these changes during a time of larger region-wide and global change.

Being on the cross section of public and business sectors, this powerful networking platform  aims at facilitating and increasing economic relations as well as to contributing to growth and stability in the Balkans and Black Sea region.

Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum (BBSF) is an annually rotating conference made to be for long term. Its governing bodies are committed to building a diverse line-up of speakers, moderators and delegates and the organizer expresses and nurtures healthy communication norms.

BBSF is elevating people from and stakeholders in the region focusing on debating and influencing hot topics of geopolitical importance and economic potential, being also a unique channel about building and refreshing your network of economic diplomacy and doing business.