About the Balkans & Black Sea Forum

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum is a flagship independent economic platform and a key Summit for leading business- & policy-makers committed to enhancing stability, growth and cooperation across the Balkan and Black Sea regions.

Distinguished speakers and prominent influencers from the public & private sectors engage and interact in order to review challenges, assess implications, identify opportunities and explore innovative ways for promoting security, sustainable development and bi/multi-lateral cooperation in the broader Eurasia.

It is addressed to leading businesses, policymakers, diplomats, think-tanks, research & academia, and cooperates with precious regional & international organizations.


BBSF 2022

Balkans & Black Sea Forum 2022

BBSF 2018

Balkans & Black Sea Forum 2018

BBSF 2017

Balkans & Black Sea Forum 2017

BBSF 2017

China BRI Symposium 2017

BBSF 2017

Diplomats satellite event 2017

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All Speakers

Mr. Wim Mijs

CEO, European Banking Federation

The Netherlands

Mr. Anthony D. Papayannides

Journalist, General Manager Economia Group


Ambassador Lazar Comanescu

Secretary General | Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation


Ms. Alia El-Yassir

UN Women Regional Director a.i, Europe-Turkey-Central Asia



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