About the Balkans Black Sea Forum

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum is a pivotal hub for leading business- & policy-makers committed to enhancing stability, growth, and cooperation across the Balkans, Black Sea, and Eurasian regions. Distinguished state- and other actors engage and interact to review challenges, assess implications, identify opportunities, and explore innovative ways for promoting security, sustainable development, and bi/multilateral cooperation.

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum is addressed to leading businesses, policymakers, diplomats, think tanks, research & academia, and holds cooperation with prestigious regional & international organizations.

The countries the Balkans & Black Sea Forum focuses on:

European Union:

  • N/W Europe: Finland, Sweden, Norway
  • CEE: Romania*, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • SEE: Greece*, Cyprus, Bulgaria*

  • Europe (Non-EU Countries): Russia*, Turkey*, Serbia*, Ukraine*, Azerbaijan*, Georgia*, Albania*, Armenia*, Moldova*, North Macedonia*, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo

*BSEC member states


  • Far East: China
  • Central Asia: Kazakhstan
  • Middle East: Israel


  • The United States of America