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The Balkans & Black Sea Forum 2022 was held at a time of numerous geopolitical, economic and power-shifting challenges that influence the global scene and endanger the social and economic equilibrium of regions. In a world of conflict and constant disruption, the BBSF2022 aspired to pave the way for a sincere, coherent and constructive exchange of views and dialogue, needed today more than ever before. 

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DAY-1 (Tuesday 13/12/2022)

10.00-10.30: Welcome notes

10.30-12.00: Chapter 1: Energy supply & security, Environmental commitments in a World of sanctions & disruptions

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12.30-14.00: Chapter 2: Innovation, Technology, Financing, Investments at serving society 

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15.00-16.30: Chapter 3: Regional cooperation-integration based on the economic geography of the regions

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17.00-18.30: Chapter 4: Connectivity – Infrastructure, the ever-growing need for new investments

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DAY-2 (Wednesday 14/12/2022)

10.00-10.15: Welcome notes

10.15-11.30: Chapter 5: Investing in gender innovation to build sustainable economies

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12.00-13.30: Chapter 6: Global convulsions and their impact on the Balkans and the Black Sea region

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13.30-14.30: Chapter 7: Moderators’ remarks and conclusions

Full session video & closing remarks:

  • Ambassador (a.h.) Michael B. Christides, Vice Chair Organizing Committee, Balkans & Black Sea Forum
  • Anthony D. Papayannides, Journalist, General Manager Economia Group
  • Costis Stambolis, Executive Director, Institute of Energy for South East Europe
  • Alia El-Yassir, Regional Director, UN Women Office for Europe & Central Asia
  • Odin Linardatou, Head of Communications, Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum is a flagship economic platform and a key Summit for leading business- & policy-makers committed to enhancing stability, growth and cooperation across the Balkan and Black Sea regions. Distinguished influencers from the public & private sectors engage and interact to review challenges, assess implications, identify opportunities, and explore innovative ways for promoting security, sustainable development and bi/multi-lateral cooperation in broader Eurasia.

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