Costis Stambolis is the Executive Director of the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) and its current Chairman. He has a background in Physics and Architecture having studied at the University of London, the North East London Polytechnic (NELP) and the Architectural Association in London from where he holds a Graduate Diploma in Architecture and Energy Studies (AA Dip. Grad). He also holds a professional practice license from the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), and a Masters Degree from the Said Business School, University of Oxford, where he studied “Strategy and Innovation”.

Costis has carried out numerous projects on Renewable Energy Sources in developing countries. He has consulted widely on solar building applications for both private and institutional clients in various European countries. Furthermore, he has worked as a consultant and strategy advisor on natural gas, oil markets and energy security issues for large multinational companies, international organizations and governments.

Costis has lectured widely on energy issues and has organized several national, regional and international conferences, seminars and workshops. He has published several books, edited conference proceedings, and authored research papers. Among others he is the editor of  the “S.E. Europe Energy Outlook (2011,2017, 2022)”, which is considered a basic reference on energy for SE Europe.

Since 2001 he manages Greece’s foremost energy site He is a founding member of the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE). He is a member of the Energy Institute (UK), the International Passive House Association (IPHA), and The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). Since 2018 he also serves as a full member of the Greek government’s standing committee on Energy and Climate Change (NECP).