Mrs. Eralda (Methasani) Çani, as of March 2016, is the Deputy Minister of Integration of the Republic of Albania. She graduated from Tirana Law School, Albania, holds an LLM from the University of New York School, USA/CEU, Hungary since 1998 and completed Doctoral studies at University of Tirana. Since 2015 she holds the academic title “Professor”.

She started her carrier in 1996 at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Albania, and worked as legal advisor at the OSCE Presence in Albania and legal expert for UNDP, USAID, World Bank, European Delegation in Albania, etc. She has a long experience in the academic field, starting from 1999 as a full time lecturer with Tirana University, School of Law, with the Institute of European Studies and the School of Magistrates in the country. In October 2014 she was appointed as a Public Law Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania. She is author and co-author of several publications in the field of human rights and public law.


Developing policies for entrepreneur women

-Supporting entrepreneur women through incentive policies. For this an action plan are set a number of measures
to promote the entrepreneur women, creating the appropriate environment through due financial support and
-Increase the number of entrepreneur women in financial support schemes. Working to involve entrepreneur
women in the existing schemes of financial support, but other new financial schemes, which aim to make an
analysis and assessment of the needs, are also foreseen in the future.
-Support for women in rural areas. Having entrepreneur women in rural areas is acquiring a greater importance due
to the fact that has a good potential for employment.