Ms Mantzourani, holds a BSc in Economics & Finance from Hertfordshire University, whilst she has graduated from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, on Organization & Management of Healthcare Services. Also, she holds a  diploma  on Corporate Governance and on Corporate Responsibility, from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has been certified by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and ADEX as a Market Maker in Greek derivatives.

She was employed since 1999 at EUROCORP SA, as an authorized trader at the Athens Exchange and as an international market sales trader of shares and derivatives. In 2006 she held the position of Investor Relations Officer at Kardasilaris & Bros SA. She has been working at HYGEIA Group since 2007.


High Quality Healthcare Services obtained by continuous learning & training

– Supporting the training of healthcare professionals is Hygeia’s primary focus, in order to achieve its mission & vision
– Hygeia invests on education and training, covering various stakeholders needs
– Cycle of Education & Training Process
– Each Nursing Division has set continuous training of the personnel as its main priority, by combining theory with on-the-job training.
– Challenges
– Education & Sustainable Development