Paula Byrne is Director for Membership and Business Development at CSR Europe, the European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility. She leads the Membership team and endeavors to grow the organisation further in terms of membership experience and enhanced impact through the incubation of new sustainability coalitions and platforms. She leads the work with our National Partners to deliver on the Enterprise 2020 Manifesto, the purpose of which is to make sustainability the cornerstone of European competitiveness.

Formerly she was Sustainability and CSR Director for the European Association of Chocolate Biscuit and confectionery Industry, CAOBISCO. She is an EU Public affairs professional with experience in building relationships and alliances in public and private sectors including NGOs and Academia on sustainable and responsible sourcing.

Her main achievements at CAOBISCO include a Public Private Partnership project in the hazelnut sector and a European-wide palm oil coalition to support the up-take of sustainable palm oil. She formerly held numerous other positions in CAOBISCO and the International Confectionery Association.

Paula is an Irish national and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Hons) from University College Dublin, Ireland. She lives in Brussels with her partner and her son.


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