Valentina Disoska is an entrepreneur, owner and manager of MM Disoski since 2000. It is a company that works in the fields of consulting and software development, multimedia, marketing, online sales and access to finance.

An architect by profession, further educated and certified to work in many other fields, such as business development and startups, youth learning and work, mentoring, project management, corporate social management, green economy, marketing from brand identity to entering foreign markets and many other topics that are compatible and make her an expert in her work. Certificated from various institutions, such as the European Training Foundation, the International Labor Organization, the German Academy for Green Business and many others. According to her, vocational and lifelong education is the most important for career development.

Valentina Disoska is active in society as a fighter for gender equality, specially dedicated to the development of women entrepreneurship. President and founder of the Association of Business Women since 2010, president and founder of the National Platform for Women’s Entrepreneurship, founder of the Balkan Coalition of Business Women, President of Council for women entrepreneurship in city of Skopje, member of several non-governmental organizations, chambers and movements for the improvement of human rights in North Macedonia and the region.

Other achievements of Valentina are Ambassador for Macedonia for the World Organization of Business Women WED; One of the main speakers at the UN Beijing 20 jubilee conference held in Geneva, an expert on entrepreneurial learning at the European Training Foundation – Turin, Expert for development of  National Strategy for Women Entrepreneurship in the Republic of North Macedonia, and many other achievements.

Awards received:

– Flower of friendship for the development of regional cooperation in the field of female entrepreneurship – Association of Business Women Serbia

– Promotion of entrepreneurship in SEE, creators of the century – Perspectives (SE)

– Award for support and promotion of entrepreneurship – Montenegro