SUN Jisheng is a professor of international studies and Vice President of China Foreign Affairs University. She is the Secretary General of the China National Association for International Studies and deputy Editor in Chief of Foreign Affairs Review. She has been a research fellow in the Weatherhead Centre of International Affairs at Harvard University (2006-2007), visiting scholar at Princeton University (2018), and visiting professor at Luiss University (2019). Sun has been teaching courses in international relations, such as International Relations Theories (MA course), Language and International Relations (PhD course) and Interpretation in Diplomacy (MA course), and has been actively involved in the training of foreign diplomats in CFAU. She has published and translated books and has produced articles and papers on international relations, China’s foreign policy, and international political linguistics in several key journals such as World Economics and Politics, Foreign Affairs Review, International Studies and the Journal of International Studies. She is the author of Language, Meaning and International Politics—On Iraq War, International Political Linguistics: Theory and Practice (ed), Traditional Culture and the Improvement of China’s Diplomatic Discourse. She holds a PhD in international relations.