Dr. Eng. Yannis Maniatis is Professor at the University of Piraeus, Department of Digital Systems. He is a Rural and Surveying Engineer (National Technical University of Athens).

Visiting Professor at the Institute of Economic Geography, University of Bonn.

Director of the MSc “Climate Crisis and Information and Communication Technologies”

Director of the “Environmental and Energy Policies and Systems” Laboratory.

Political and Social

– Dr. Maniatis was elected as a Member of the Greek Parliament during the 5 elections of the period 2004 – 2019.  He was appointed:

Minister and Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (2009 – 2015)

Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (1998 – 2001)


His main academic fields include:

  1. Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) and Remote Sensing,
  2. Energy and Transportation Policies and Systems,
  3. Environmental Management and Climate Change
  4. Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
  5. EU Structural Policies and Land Uses
  6. Innovation Management and Digital Entrepreneurship
  7. Systems and Policies of Smart Energy, Digital Agriculture, Smart Cities

Dr. Maniatis has participated with more than two hundred (200) scientific papers and lectures in international congresses and scientific magazines.



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