BBSF2023 under “Chatham”rules

Balkans & Black Sea Forum Executive Roundtable 2023

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum “Executive Roundtable 2023” to be held on July 5th, 2023 paves the path for an open, sincere, and out-of-the-box dialogue and debate about “The role of Greece in the Balkan & Black Sea regions”.


The meeting is subject to Chatham rules, restricted to experts and selected audience by invitation only. 

Among the esteemed panelists of the “Executive Roundtable 2023” feature:

*  H.E Ms. Lajla Brand Jakhelln, Ambassador of Norway

*  H.E Mr. Noam Katz, Ambassador of Israel

*  H.E Mr. Yerlan Baudarbek-Kozhatayev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan

*  H.E. Mr. Valentin Poriazov, Ambassador of Bulgaria

*  H.E. Ms. Lidija Boskovska, Ambassador of North Macedonia

*  H.E. Mr. Sergii  Shutenko, Ambassador of Ukraine

*  H.E. Mr. Kyriakos Kenevezos, Ambassador of Cyprus

*  Dr. Spyridon Flogaitis, Director, European Public Law Organization

Mr. Erik Holmgren, Economic Counselor, Embassy of the United States

*  Mr. Thanos Dokos, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister

*  Mr. Costis Stambolis, Executive Director, Institute of Energy for South East Europe

*  Dr. Yannis Maniatis, Professor Piraeus University, Fm Minister of Energy & Environment

*  Mr. George Kremlis, Chair Greek Initiative UN level on climate & culture, EPLO

*  Mr. John Nomikos, Director, European Intelligence Academy

*  Ms. Xenia Kaldara, President Cacoyannis Foundation

*  Mr. Hendrik Bosshammer, Project Manager SEE, OECD

*  Mr. Antonis Papayiannides, Journalist 

and more……

Balkans & Black Sea Forum 1st Ambassadors meeting

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum 1st Ambassadors working meeting took place on June 6th 2023. During this meeting, the participants had the opportunity to exchange views about BBSF’s imprint and effectiveness in the region. (link here)

Coming next

* AgriBusiness Forum 6th international edition, Athens-Greece, 28-29/9/2023

AgriBusiness Forum-HCPA regional edition, Leptokaria-Pieria, 3-4/11/2023

* Balkans & Black Sea Forum 5th international edition, Athens-Greece, 15-16/2/2024

About the Balkans & Black Sea Forum

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum is a flagship independent economic summit for leading business- & policy-makers committed to enhancing stability, growth and cooperation across the Balkan and Black Sea regions. Distinguished speakers and prominent influencers from the public & private sectors engage and interact in order to review challenges, assess implications, identify opportunities and explore innovative ways for promoting security, sustainable development and bi/multilateral cooperation in the broader Eurasia. It is addressed to leading businesses, policymakers, diplomats, think-tanks, research & academia, and cooperates with prestigious regional & international organizations.